Personal Informatics in Practice: Improving Quality of Life Through Data

CHI 2012 Workshop · May 5–10, 2012 · Austin, Texas, USA

Accepted papers

Understanding Self-Efficacy and the Design of Personal Informatics Tools
Adrienne Andrew, Gaetano Borriello, James Fogarty

Deep Personalization in Tools for Reflection
Bon Adriel Aseniero

A Framework for Modelling Goals in Personal Lifelong Informatics
Debjanee Barua, Judy Kay, Bob Kummerfeld, Cecile Paris

Personal Health Mashups: Mining significant observations from wellbeing data and context
Frank Bentley, Konrad Tollmar, Cristobal Viedna

Using Personal Informatics to Motivate Physical Activity: Could we be Doing it Wrong?
Patrick Burns, Shlomo Berkovsky, Christopher Lueg

Spark: Visualizing Physical Activity Using Abstract, Ambient Art
Chloe Fan, Jodi Forlizzi, Anind Dey

How dangerous is your life? Personalising Government Open Crime Data
Andrew Garbett, Conor Linehan, Ben Kirman, Jamie Wardman, Shaun Lawson

How to Design Persuasive Health Technologies for Adolescents with Chronic Illness?
Yi Han, Tae-Jung Yun, Rosa I. Arriaga, Gregory D. Abowd

Beyond Experience Sampling: Evaluating Personal Informatics with Technology-Assisted Reconstruction
Evangelos Karapanos

Lullaby: Capturing the Unconscious in the Sleep Environment
Matthew Kay, Eun Kyoung Choe, Jesse Shepherd, Benjamin Greenstein, Nathaniel F. Watson, Sunny Consolvo, Julie A. Kientz

A Cross-Platform SmartphoneBrain Scanner
Jakob Eg Larsen, Arkadiusz Stopczynski, Carsten Stahlhut, Michael Kai Petersenm, Lars Kai Hansen

Personal informatics for self-regulated learning
Ryan Muller, Yanjin Long, Kenneth R. Koedinger

Mindfulness, Reflection, and Persuasion in Personal Informatics
Sean Munson

Fitbit+: A behavior-based intervention system to reduce sedentary behavior
Laura Pina, Ernesto Ramirez, William Griswold

Ambivalence about (Inter)Personal Informatics for Smoking Cessation
Bernd Ploderer, Wally Smith, Steve Howard, Jon Pearce, Ron Borland

ECO|Balance – Exploring Design Issues for Mobile Persuasion
Julia Polleti, Dominikus Baur, Tony Tang, Sheelagh Carpendale

Digital Histories for Future Health
Ernesto Ramirez, Eric Hekler

Thinking about Side Effects of Personal Informatics Systems
Victoria Schwanda Sosik, Dan Cosley

Hydrostream: A Platform for Collecting, Annotating and Analyzing Water Pressure for Health Applications
Edison Thomaz, Thomas Ploetz, Irfan Essa, Gregory D. Abowd



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Organized by

Ian Li
Yevgeniy Medynskiy
Jon Froehlich
Jakob Eg Larsen


  • Papers Due  January 13, 2012
    January 23, 2012
  • Notification  February 10, 2012
  • Workshop  May 6, 2012

CHI 2012

CHI 2012

May 5–10, 2012
Austin, Texas, USA